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Purification and Recharging

It is necessary to pamper your bracelets.

On contact with you, the fine stones of your bracelet take charge of your emotions and vibrations like sponges. It is therefore important to purify them and recharge them with good energy to take full advantage of their benefits.

But what to do when it is made up of different stones: water, salt, sound (singing bowl), fumigation, burial, sun, moon?

In this case it is always necessary to privilege the method of the most delicate stone.


You can run your bracelet under running tap water or soak it in demineralized water for a few moments and then wipe it well with a soft cloth.

Special cases :

Hematite does not tolerate water or salt. 

La Malachite does not support water.

Amber is a fossilized pine resin, it does not need to be purified or recharged.


To recharge your bracelet you can expose it either to the light of the moon, at the time of the full moon, or to the light of the sun. For the sun, prefer the morning or the evening when the temperature is not too hot.

You can also use a flower of life, so there's no question about the moon or the sun. You can recharge your bracelet in this way, especially if you wear it very regularly.

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